Wednesday, January 16, 2013

If it's on a canvas, it's art. BOOM.

And here's a blurry picture of that art. 

Here's a less blurry picture of the center one.  It's the lyrics to our wedding song.

I used this marker.  And my own handwriting.  Elementary school teacher skillz right there. (Actually, no.  People don't teach handwriting anymore, y'all.  Womp womp.)

I'm thinking I should maybe brush it with some gold, too? We'll see.

Here's the one on the left.  I used, like 6 more materials to make this one.  Multiple paints and scrapbook papers.

I was inspired by this punch.  YOU look at it and not be inspired.

And I went to Michael's and spent an inordinate amount of time in the scrapbook paper aisle deciding on the four types of paper you see there.

I spent about 0.4 seconds deciding on the two metallic paints shown below.  I picked it up so fast, it probably looked like I was stealing it.  I've had the white paint since about 2006. 

Now... hold this picture in your brain....

... because I also used that paint on this one. 
It was a really complicated process.  Squirt paint on canvas, brush vertically.  Try real hard not to slop it on the floor.  I used a paintbrush that I bought in one of those "All of the Paintbrush Types x2 for like $4.99" packs, in case you're wondering.  It really doesn't matter.  You could probably use a credit card.

This was the punch that inspired this one.  I think I bought it for wedding invitations?  But I don't think I used it?  I should blog about making our wedding invitations 3 years ago?

I laid out all the punched pieces on the canvas (in this case with the plastic wrap on it) to decide on a pattern.  Then took a picture (below) because I was sure to forget what it looked like.  I started using a glue gun, then could find the pack of glue sticks, then used Modge Podge to attach them.  Turns out that was the better choice anyway.  No ugly strings, no bumps, wicked fast drying time. 

 You're not going to believe the price breakdown.

Paint (x2): $1.99 each, so $4
Canvases: $18/2 pack, so $27
Paper: between $0.79 and $1.50, so we'll say $6
Total: $37

Come ooonnnnn.  $37??? No one with an iPhone pays full price at a craft store! 

Everything was at least 20% off.  I got a 5 pack of canvases on sale for $18, then had a 40% off coupon, so it was $11 for 5.  

Grand total, less than $12.  For ART.  Cuz it's on a canvas, y'all.  (Two/too many y'alls in one post?)

So, tell me about your doodles on canvas that you call art.  Or other things you call art.  Also be sure to tell me how long you decide on your craft supplies and the years in which you purchased them.  For realz.  I'm all ears eyes.  (God, I love the strikeout option.)

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