Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Chalkable Martini Glasses

My brother is the easiest person in the world to find/buy/make gifts for.  He's the fancier version of myself. And the man loves to host parties. 

So, for Christmas I made those chalkboard glasses that are ubiquitous on Pinterest...and Steve-ified them.

Martini glasses and champagne flutes because that's what he needed.  The champagne flutes have a chalkable strip around the side.  The martini glasses have a chalkable base.
More appealing when precariously perched?

White chalkboard paint for colored chalk.  (I also found chalk markers?!?  I'll let you know if they work.)  You can write your name to keep track of your glass.  (Update!  They work unless you're having a really awesome party!  The kind where you slosh your drink down the side of your glass repeatedly!)
So hard to photograph.  Pilled black sweatshirt had to do.  Ew?

And a swirly twirly gumdrops dot pattern.

Chalk up the bases.
Allegedly dishwasher-safe!

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